Classic Vespa Scooters

Classic Vespa scooters are one of the most popular choices of scooter on the market today. Vespa is one of the oldest manufacturers in the scooter industry. They have been manufactured since 1946 in Italy and still remain very popular with scooter fans.  There are many models of classic Vespa scooters available to purchase and the engines sizes range from 50cc to 200cc.  Scooters are a fantastic way to commute and can save a lot of money as they require much less fuel to run than your average car.

Classic Vespa scooters are easily recognizable as their shape and pressed steel unibody hasn’t changed much since its original release.  With worldwide success the classic Vespa scooter has benefitted from massive popularity and has become a symbol of style. Due to the inflation of petrol prices the scooter has become a very popular travel choice for the general public and they are also more environmentally friendly than cars.

Even though many new models of Vespa scooters are still being designed, the original models have become very valuable and desired by many vintage Vespa and scooter fans.  These vintage scooter fans like to purchase older classic Vespa scooters to restore and show off to other fanatics.

Through the Vespa scooter catalogue you can order classic Vespa auto parts to restore your vintage scooter. These parts are classed as originals as they use the same drawings that made the original Vespa scooters back in 1946.  There are also parts available from many online auctions. For extreme classic Vespa scooter fanatics there are many clubs both online and locally that come together to share their common interests and  love for these beautiful machines.

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